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Online Catalogue > VINYL DECALS > Sharks Teeth

Decals - SHARKS01 Sharks Teeth & Eyes Decals - SHARKS01 Sharks Teeth & Eyes
Nose art for planes (P40 Warhawk etc) and motor torpedo boats (Fairmile 'D' etc)

Decals printed on extremely thin exterior grade self-adhesive vinyl.

Multi Size Sheets of various size decals from 5 to 50mm & Individual decals from 75 to 500mm

These decals have to be cut out from the sheet by hand using a pair of scissors or sharp modelling knife.


A range of Quantities & Sizes from 5mm to 50mm (Width)

Actual Sheet Size 15cm x 20cm (6" x 8")


Also available as LARGER Individual Decals in Packs of 2 (One Right & One Left Handed) as follows:

Quantity and (WIDTH) of decals per pack:
2 - 75mm (Approx 3")
2 - 100mm (Approx 4")
2 - 125mm (Approx 5")
2 - 150mm (Approx 6")
2 - 175mm (Approx 7")
2 - 200mm (Approx 8")
2 - 300mm (Approx 12")
2 - 400mm (Approx 16")
2 - 450mm (Approx 18")
2 - 500mm (Approx 20")

To calculate the approx Height multiply the Width x 0.45
For Example: 200mm Width x 0.45 = Approx 90mm Height

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Online Catalogue > VINYL DECALS > Sharks Teeth

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